Asaduke no moto Regular1480g

A quick and easy Asaduke (quick pickles) regular mixture with a light soy sauce flavor and a touch of chilli spice that goes well with any vegetables.

Asaduke no moto Regular

How to use

1. Chop the vegetables into an appropriate size. 2. Put the chopped vegetables into a polythene bag and pour the Asaduke no moto mixture until it covers 2/3 of the vegetables. 3. Rub the bag until all vegetables become tender, then let it sit in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. Make sure to squeeze all excess water (no need to rinse with water) before serving. ・Adjust the marinating time and the amount of mixture according to your preference. ・1 bottle (approx 1,480g) of this product can be used to marinate approx. 2.6 kg of vegetables. Ebara Asaduke no moto is a pickling mixture of salt and sugar to make appetizing pickles in a short period of time.

Net Weight
Carton Size
6 pieces
Best Before
12 months

※Store product in a cool dry place at ambient temperature before opening.

Allergic substance

  • shrimp
  • crab
  • wheat
  • soba
  • egg
  • milk ingredients
  • peanuts
  • almond
  • abalone
  • squid
  • salmon roe
  • orange
  • cashew nuts
  • kiwi
  • beef
  • walnut
  • sesame
  • salmon
  • mackerel
  • soy
  • chicken
  • banana
  • pork
  • matsutake
  • peach
  • yam
  • apple
  • gelatin
  • seafood※
  • * Since seafood is caught indiscriminately with a net, it is indicated when raw materials that do not know what kind of seafood is contained are used.
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