e-Basic Chicken Paitan Ramen Soup1.8L

This is a chicken paitan ramen soup made from blending the umami of chicken and vegetables. You can easily create a ramen of your preference by combining seasonings such as chicken oil, scallion oil or our Ebara chicken gara soup.

e-Basic Chicken Paitan Ramen Soup

How to use

Dilute this soup by 10-11x according to your preference. Dilute 30ml (approx. 34g) of the ramen soup with 270-300ml of hot water or bone stock soup. Dilute 40 ml (approx. 46g) of the ramen soup with 360-400ml of hot water or bone stock soup. 1 bottle (1.8L, approx. 2,030g) of this product can make approx. 44-60 servings of ramen.

Net Weight
Carton Size
6 pieces
Best Before
12 months

※Store product in a cool dry place at ambient temperature before opening.

Allergic substance

  • shrimp
  • crab
  • wheat
  • soba
  • egg
  • milk ingredients
  • peanuts
  • almond
  • abalone
  • squid
  • salmon roe
  • orange
  • cashew nuts
  • kiwi
  • beef
  • walnut
  • sesame
  • salmon
  • mackerel
  • soy
  • chicken
  • banana
  • pork
  • matsutake
  • peach
  • yam
  • apple
  • gelatin
  • seafood※
  • * Since seafood is caught indiscriminately with a net, it is indicated when raw materials that do not know what kind of seafood is contained are used.
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Using this product